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Jukebox Repair and Restoration.

I repair and restore jukeboxes from the late 1940’s to the late 1970’s.

All jukeboxes are a fairly complex pieces of equipment and need specialised knowledge to repair and restore.

I restore and repair most of the popular USA manufactured jukeboxes but especially Rock-Ola, Ami, and Seeburg.

Unlike some other restorers, I will also repair and restore other European jukeboxes including NSM, Tonomat, Weigant, Bal-Ami .

The levels of repair and restoration can be tailored to your requirements, from a basic “get it working, please” to a full restoration from the ground up.

I do not carry out repairs in customer’s premises, all jukebox repairs are carried out at my workshop where test equipment and spares are on hand to carry out a full repair and a thorough testing of the jukebox.

Please look in the gallery section at some of my past restorations

Contact me to discuss your requirements or any questions you may have.