About Bob Harper Restorations

If you are trusting me with your jukebox or amplifier you will probably want to know a little bit about me!

I have had a keen interest in jukeboxes and all things electronic since I was a teenager in the 1970’s. My father, an audio and TV engineer from the valve era encouraged my interest and I spent many hours in the workshop and on service calls with him. I started carrying out repairs on simple record players etc. for my mates at about 14!

Being a teenager, the local pubs and clubs were a major attraction, and of course at that time they ALL had jukeboxes.

My interest started right then…the sound from these jukeboxes blew me away, never heard anything like it, the bass shaking the floors in these old pubs! Now, 40 years later, many of the jukebox types I played at that time, I now find myself restoring!

I studied electrical engineering at technical college in the 70’s and have worked in the electrical industry since then. I have always maintained my electronics interest as a hobby along with restoring classic cars of the 60’s and 70’s.

In the late 1990’s my interest was re-kindled in jukeboxes, when I rescued one from a skip. After restoring and playing it, the memories of those old pubs came flooding back…I had forgotten how fantastic they sound!

That was it, I had the jukebox bug! Since that time I have been restoring them. My electrical electronics background along with my skills from my classic car days have come together perfectly in restoring vintage jukeboxes.